I am an artist based in Tel Aviv. I first studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins in London, which led me to spend some time in the textile industry and fashion trend bureaux. I then turned to graphic design and illustrations with a strong pull towards making collages.

A few years later and willing to step out of the screen-size and complete my curriculum, I continued my journey in the MFA (Master Degree in Fine Arts) at Bezalel Academy (Israel). There, I discovered a passion for space transformation – a 3D collage of sorts. 

Throughout my career, the love for hand-made pieces and techniques has been a recurrent thread. Whether through weaving, painting, making videos, collages, space transformations, writing, or now music, I like to dive in a craft, acquire new skills and “play”.

Since the Covid-19 situation and its many lockdowns, I find a great pleasure in writing a blog. It contains stories behind a process or a piece, mixed with thoughts or ideas that unfold from my own life experiences. I have never had a diary, though I always loved to write and the lockdown naturally pushed me to realize this desire.

Love, Ethel

Ps: feel free to write to me!


My works are featured in
Telavivian magazine (2016), Wild Growths text by Varda Steinlauf for Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2014), Hamecarer (2015), Victoire magazine (2006-2007), InView (2001), View On Colour (2000), selected as one of the best 20 Textile Designers of Great Britain (2000)


+ essay: What is the relation between a sign and melancholia? (Annlee) (2014)
+ essay: Topoï (2013)
+ book: Mil liM (être) (2011), 180 pages, book available at the Tel Aviv Museum’s library
+ exhibition catalogue: Fauves (2014)
+ exhibition catalogue: Installation Zero (2013)

++ next: Oil paintings on canvas
++ blog: The Moons They Change