The World I Truly Know

Oil Paintings (2015-present)

Technique: successive layers of paint swept and scratched away with household brushes

Let Your Mind Run (Thank You Deena), 120cm x 80cm, 
brushed oil on canvas 2017-2022

For this series of paintings, I got rid of the traditional paint brushes and replaced them with household brushes. I also changed the direction of the canvas, laying it flat on the floor so that I could sweep away layers of paint using a broom.

Little by little, this technique evolved too: I added an extra step where, canvas back on the wall, I would decide of the zones to work on further by applying more paint, or on the contrary erasing and smudging the excess – always with small kitchen brushes.

On these paintings, the household brush-strokes are very visible and accentuate the woven aspect of the canvas – I like to think of them as a link to my textile background.

A Vague Memory, 2017
Oil on canvas, 150*180 cm

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