Fauves (2014) is an in-situ installation which was created inside the vestiges of an abandoned cosmetic laboratory. The building had been deserted, but not emptied, leaving some interesting elements to work with. When entering the space, I had no real idea or plan of what to do there, so I focused on revealing the place, rather than concealing it. Breaking a few walls and reshaping the ceiling uncovered different layers of the history of the building. 

Day by day, for three months, I mainly improvised with what I had at hand, trusting the journey. I decided to keep and transform the neglected objects still in place — like the industrial crane and its cage — and to create a new environment for them. I repainted them in pastel pink and minty green, and as a result, the industrial machines lost their functionalities, becoming absurd objects.

I was interested in using painting not as a masking tool, but as an instrument to expose new possibilities. The choice of pastel colours emphasized the irony of the situation, where it made no sense to try to operate huge machines looking like frozen candies.

The video Lucie Loop was projected on a suspended industrial window from which I replaced the glass with a milky white plexiglas. The image was almost invisible by daylight and gradually became clearer and brighter at sunset.

I like to think that Lucie Loop is the image of a light as well as the light of an image.

Fauves in progress: choosing where to cut the wall, the old crane and last owners:

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++ exhibition photos by MTG, Tel Aviv, 2014

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