Wild Growths

I created the sculptural environment Wild Growths (2015) for the Tel Aviv Museum in direct continuation with my previous site-specific installation Fauves. I brought the painted cranes (Esther Crane) and its cage (Jane Cage) to the terrace (Nata’s Garden) where the two museum buildings equally meet and separate. 

The crane was then separated from its laboratory ceiling (see Fauves) and lowered to the ground, while the cage and its wheels were stuck and unable to move.

The video Lucie Loop was reflected back and forth from the window to Nata’s Garden, creating a continuous loop of projection – almost indiscernible by daylight like a pale apparition whose image became clear with the fall of darkness.

Ironically (or not!), the installation was dismantled after a year and the crane and cage went back to being functional machines in the workshop of a concrete builder…

The installation Wild Growths is composed of two treated ready-mades—Jane Cage and Esther Crane—and a video projection, Lucie Loop

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