Mirror Interview, 2013 – 44:45 minutes single channel video

The video is a self-interview inspired by the book of Glenn Gould “Glenn Gould by Glenn Gould on Glenn Gould” where Gould interviewed himself talking about his own work. 
My version of an artist talk created for the MFA Bezalel lecture with Dr Raphael Zagury-Orly.

Lucie Loop, 2014 – single channel video (loop)

Lucie Loop is the image of a light as well as the light of an image. It was first shown in the installation Fauves projected on a suspended industrial window which glass has been replaced by a milky white plexiglas. The image was almost not visible by daylight and gradually became clearer and brighter at sunset.

It was then part of the installation Wild Growths in the Tel Aviv Museum when it was reflected back and forth from the window to Nata’s Garden, creating a continuous loop of projection. In daylight, the screened image was almost indiscernible, and seemed like a pale apparition. In the evening, after darkness falls, the image became clear, exuding energy and activating signs of its presence.