Obey to Me

Oil Paintings (2014-15)

Technique: oil paint on canvas

When I entered the studio (the one that I still work in), the landlord had left a professional painting-stand for me to use. His wife, a painter, had used this studio before me and was happy to leave her stand for the next tenant. I had no intention to paint canvases: I had just finished the Frieze! exhibition, and thought very deeply that my direction was to continue intervening onto spaces and transform them.

This is how, once in the studio, I continued modifying that space too. I tore and got rid of the awful linoleum floor that started moulding, and repainted it with an industrial epoxy paint. As I had done before in my Installation Zero, I created a false perspective by visually merging the wall with the floor. In addition, I spent many hours plastering the holes in the unfinished walls.

And then I realized… that the reason behind renting a studio was for it to be an experimental and working space – not a gallery! A place, where I could make pieces that people could actually bring back home – instead of my previous installations which were all destroyed after the exhibition.

Slightly lost by this finding, I stared at my newly transformed studio and my eyes fell upon the painting-stand. I remembered my teenage years and the desire I had to paint like the painters that gave me shivers in the Pompidou Centre.

The paintings that came from this first period were more figurative than the ones that followed (when I swapped the painting brushes for kitchen ones > see here). For Obey To Me, I was interested in bodies and spaces, then distorted bodies and restrained spaces, and finally distorted bodies in restrained spaces.

We Are Social Animals After All, 2015
Oil on canvas, 60*50 cm

Picnic at Home, 2015
Oil on canvas, 50*40 cm

Horse in a Room, 2014,
oil on canvas 20*20 cm

On Becoming One, 2015
Oil on canvas, 70*60 cm

Carpe Diem, 2015
Oil on canvas, 50*60 cm

Diamonds and Rust (The Missing Painting), 2015
Oil on canvas, 70*55 cm

Sadly, this painting doesn’t exist anymore, it has been covered by another one… sometimes we make mistakes!

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On Becoming One (II), 2015
Oil on canvas, 50*60 cm

Untitled (The Yogi Ascension), 2015
Oil on canvas, 120*60 cm

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