The Same Portrait All Over Again

Acrylic Paintings | series: “The Same Portrait All Over Again” (2011-now)

Technique used: acrylic paint on wooden boards

Every so often, I like to stay small.
Painting on little wooden boards is as challenging as painting on anything; but somehow, as opposed to oil painting which requires a certain preparation and time to dry, gouaches seem lighter. They dry fast and absorb water, they don’t create as much mess as oil tubes, and best of all, they don’t smell toxic products nor demand a special cleaning process. So the impulse to start a small acrylic painting feels easy. Nonetheless, I always end up spending days or weeks painting over and over layers of images until I am pleased with one. And sometimes, it is also about stopping, letting the painting rest for a while before going back to it, only to realise that it is indeed finished.

Untitled, 2020 – acrylic on wood 18*24 cm

Above Me Only Sky, 2020 – acrylic on wood 18*24 cm

Untitled, 2020 – acrylic on wood 18*24 cm

Oh Me (And I Love Her), 2020 – acrylic on wood 15*20 cm

Would You Like to Hear My Voice (Solitude II), 2020 – acrylic on wood 20*25cm

Untitled (Solitude I – Study after Luc Tuymans), 2011 – acrylic on wood, 18*24cm

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