Social Dilemna

Let me know what inspires you on social media! — Or have we forgotten that one of the reasons we go there is to be inspired by the lives of others?

Pastel on paper, 30*42 cm – Fall 2021

Last July and for the whole month, I stopped going on Facebook. It had taken too much of my time (and energy) and I came to the realization that those hours were mainly filled with not much, if not nothing. That month was a turning point: I understood that I had needs that had to be fulfilled if I wanted to feel good and positive. These were quite simple: to be outside in the daylight (especially since I am a bad sleeper) and to move and do sports.

Simple, but not necessarily easily met until now. Indeed, even if I always practiced a physical activity, it was generally indoors (which doesn’t make much sense while living in Tel Aviv) and required equipment or a certain setting. Reading the book “Movement Matters” by Katy Bowman brought the idea of ‘stacking’ needs in one activity: for example running outside in the morning would answer my needs perfectly. And this is how I started running on the beach and practicing handstands in the open air but also taking my book to the park, stopping on my way to the studio for a 10 minutes vitamin-D boost sunbathing on a bench.

During that month I also worked on building my website and soon realized I needed Facebook to publish it. Back on the platform, I was still myself, but now my interests were clearer and more demanding. They include wellness, inspirations and aspirations, self-purpose, authentic conversations, and generally a crave for empowering personal stories. Yet, the algorithms of Facebook hadn’t processed that change and continued feeding my wall with contents that bored me to tears.

I have to add that being off social media is not an option for me: I need these platforms to publish my works and last year has shown me that Facebook is a good tool to connect with potential clients. But I need and crave for some good CONTENT. I believe there is a way to make these hours spent in front of the screen worthwhile and enriching, if only we had more control over what to be fed with.

So, recently I started following blogs and podcasts that open my eyes (and ears). They talk about ways to live a meaningful life, to be inspired, but also to reflect on our society, stop wasting energy and gain a sense of clarity. I am sure everyone can find something there to carry home and who knows maybe a mini-seed will be planted and create some change in the future.

Here is a list of my latest finds:
– Rich Roll – I cannot get enough of his “conversations
– Good Life Project (Jonathan Fields) and his intimate podcasts
Daily Musings by Alyssia Marie
– Katy Bowman Nutritious Movement

I’m throwing in a few books that keep me awake at night:
– Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
– Movement Matters: Essays on Movement Science, Movement Ecology, and the Nature of Movement by Katy Bowman
– Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence by Anna Lembke
– Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It by Ethan Kross


I am genuinely interested to hear from you: what do you do on social media, who you follow, do you have links to share that you find inspiring, engaging, uplifting .. you name it? Leave a comment below and let’s inspire each other!

Love, Ethel

6 thoughts on “Social Dilemna”

  1. Pour moi, mode de communication de vieille… Suis heureuse de constater ton retour aux fondamentaux et t embrasse Nicole

    Ps: très réussi ce pastel on paper!

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  2. Recently I joined a few Facebook groups relevant to my blog. I have done the same for LinkedIn. Social media can be quite helpfu, no, VERY helpful. But only if if you understand the algorithm of each.

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