The Moons They Change

This blog started more than a year ago, and I still haven’t explained the choice of its title The Moons They Change.

Here it is: ‘(…) the moons. They change…’ appears in a line of the closing mantra of “Once in a Song”, song that I wrote during the second lockdown. I came up with an intriguing chord progression which was calling for no-less intriguing lyrics. The song had no chorus, but an outro which I imagined composed of several voices. And the words that emerged surprised me by their imagery.

Having said that, a lot of elements of the song relate to memories, fears and fantasies of my childhood: the green and dense forest, the tough North-European winters, the religious symbols like the cross (that I would hide in the drawer of every hotel room), the frightening folk tales (where children get eaten) or the more pleasing scenes of my grandmother’s astrological maps on the kitchen table.

One day, I’ll record the song and post it here. But until then, I leave you with the text.

Love, Ethel


(lyrics and music by Ethel Gutmann, 2020)

ONCE IN A STORY she hummed like a bird
Humming psalms in a language no-one had heard
Carried on ’til the animals sang in return
Come along, said the forest who wanted her
Not at all, you’re mistaking me for a bird
But at dawn I’ll go back to being a girl

ONCE IN A DREAM she roared like the thunder
Flashes of light flickered from the wall behind her
Help me out, she screamed though no-one could hear her
Come along, said the shadow who wanted her
Not at all, you’re taking me for another
Stay ’til dawn and I’ll prove you I’m a tiger

ONCE IN A ROOM she froze like a stone
Dozens of ants drew an imaginary cross on the wall
What a chance, I never saw a sign before
Come along, said the cross who wanted her
Not at all, I prayed once I don’t pray no more
Wait for dawn and the ants will be on the floor

The hours, the words. the moons. It’s strange. the hours, the words, the moons. They change…
The hours, the wounds the moons. It’s strange. the hours, the wounds, the moons. They change…
(repeat until fade out)


Ps, I created a Facebook page which features my artistic works as well as my writings… who knows, maybe soon my music will find its place there too? I invite you to follow me there and continue supporting my passions!


The Moons They Change, 2015 collage: mixed papers, pastel

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