The Fish who Didn’t Want to be a Fish

An Ocean of Possibilities, pastel on paper, 2022 – 10×13 cm

There are moments in life where we encounter curious signs and experience situations that can’t be simple coincidences. Maybe it will be expressed through a déjà vu, repeated encounters, or the sudden clarity that two separate events are in fact related. In any form, these little mysteries are worth noticing. Indeed, the universe may wink and nod at us for a reason.

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White Lines

Throughout my life, writing has been important, especially in periods of changes. Even if I never sent a manuscript to a publishing house, the thought and desire did emerge after writing fiercely 250 pages in a few months. Somehow though, at the stage of re-reading and re-reading again, the courage left me. As if the writing experience had transformed me, I could not recognize my own style, I couldn’t vouch for these pages that felt already outdated. I decided to let it go, with no regrets. Some books are meant to be written, not to be read.

my bedroom, Tel Aviv, 2013 – photo © Francesc Pascual Torrens
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