The Fish who Didn’t Want to be a Fish

An Ocean of Possibilities, pastel on paper, 2022 – 10×13 cm

There are moments in life where we encounter curious signs and experience situations that can’t be simple coincidences. Maybe it will be expressed through a déjà vu, repeated encounters, or the sudden clarity that two separate events are in fact related. In any form, these little mysteries are worth noticing. Indeed, the universe may wink and nod at us for a reason.

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Sleep Tight

Untitled (Insomnias), 2021
oil paint and pastel on paper – 100×70 cm

Last week I had a weird dream: the pizza, that I prepared with love, was burning in the oven, and worse, the tray that it was on was melting too. The whole situation was painful to watch, especially as the smell of the pizza was so very appetizing. I was annoyed with myself for not looking at the timer and letting this mess happen. As I’m writing this down, some more details come back to mind: I remember that I was actually busy helping someone else who left their bake in the oven next to mine. The problem was that this other bake was continuously sliding on its tray and I had to put a lot of effort to balance the moving object. When I was finally free to get back to my pizza, it was just too late. For the context, we did watch “The Great British Bake Off” the night before, but I have a hunch that the dream points out at something deeper…

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Love & Anarchy

Most of us are in our second lockdown and it isn’t easy to stay in high spirits. Being closed again is frustrating especially after having tasted some semblance of back-to-normalcy over the summer. Nevertheless, I like to remind myself that this period is the right moment to welcome new perspectives and begin seeding again. At least, let’s open the gate. What will come… may come!

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Tempo Rubato [Stolen Time]

Collage on painted notebook, 1998 – see collages here

I remember rather clearly my last day of first grade in primary school. At least, the souvenir I fabricated of it is very clear: I said goodbye to all my friends with a lot of excitement, knowing we would all meet in September with enough summer stories to keep us going until Christmas. My biggest worry was to find time in my vacation to write to Elian, my boyfriend, who would spend the next two months in Brittany. I was very fond of him. In my souvenir, my parents came to pick me up at school and while we were heading towards the parking lot, my father told me I would not return to this school in September since the whole family was moving to Brussels after the summer.

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